Sunday, 16 August 2020

Album: Kim Walker-Smith - Wild Heart

Album: Kim Walker-Smith - Wild Heart

Today, Jesus Culture's Kim Walker-Smith releases her first solo project in three years. Her new worship album, Wild Heart (Capitol CMG), explores themes of life, beginning again, and returning to our first love, and is a collection of live-recorded songs and moments that are joyful, raw, honest, and intimate.

"My last record, On My Side, was a collection of songs written from a desert season of my life. I was processing grief, anger, and pain. God met me in the desert and brought life and healing," explains Kim Walker-Smith of the seasons that led to the new album. "Emerging from the desert ushered me into a season fresh with new life. This new album is a strong declaration of freedom and who God is. On the other side of a desert season are growth, a deeper connection to Jesus, and a new authority."

Wild Heart, her fifth album, was recorded live at the Cascade Theater in Redding, California in February before the pandemic hit the country. The location is important as it is where she was married and where her album Still Believe was recorded.

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"Wild Heart" - Track-listing

  1. Stones (Live)
  2. Come Through (Live)
  3. Wild Heart (Live)
  4. Breathing Room (Live)
  5. Simple Days (Live)
  6. Returning (Live)
  7. You'll Always Be (Live)
  8. Only You (Live)
  9. Protector (Live)
  10. Already Have (Bear's Song) [Live]
  11. Just To Have You (Live)
  12. Just Be (Live)

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